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Scotland Advanced White Water Kayaking


Course Dates & Booking

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To book a place on this course, click on a date above to book and pay for the course, then complete and submit the Booking Form. If the following dates are not suitable, or you want to make a private booking for your club or centre, please get in touch.

Course Overview

Join us for our Scotland Advanced White Water Kayaking courses with Kinetic Paddlesports. With both five-day adventures, and weekend Morriston guiding. Taking place on some of the best and most reliable advanced white water in the UK, we’ll base the course from the West coast boating hub of Fort William, with loads of amazing rivers within an easy drive, and the option to explore more remote runs as conditions suit.


Two day Morriston Guiding

With the Dam release over the weekend we have two days of guaranteed grade 4 white water in June, on the playground of the spectacular river Morriston.

Often regarded as having a bit of a fearsome reputation and an imposing start the River Morriston can seem daunting. We’ll show you the best lines, break down the rapids into manageable chunks and give you a clear plan on how to hit your moves.

This is one of the few opportunities to paddle good quality grade 4 whitewater in the warm in the UK. There are great coaching spots for developing your boof to consistently fly over the drops and holes. The top section has features which can easily be lapped to perfect moves and the dramatic slides of the bottom section are perfect for putting practice into play.

This weekend suits anyone who has paddled grade 4 before but needs some extra confidence to style the lines. It is the perfect training for anyone planning a trip abroad.

Summer Dam release tour.

Warm temperatures and guaranteed great white water!

This coaching week will bring your paddling to a new level, with great coaching venues, and brilliant reliable white water.

With releases set for 4 out of the 5 days, we’ll have a warm up on some rain fed - or low water runs on the first day, before heading to Invermorriston for the next few days. There will be an afternoon into evening paddle on the Tuesday and an early morning run on the Morriston on Wednesday before a well deserved afternoon off. We’ve options of the Lyon and Tummel on Thursday and Friday or rain fed runs if they come in (it is Scotland after all!) 

Please note if we are on the Tummel on Friday, it may be a later finish due to water release times.

Rain fed Autumn weeks

This is a guided week on grade 3 and 4 rivers. From the classic pool drop Etive, and the clean slides of its side streams, to the wide Orchy and deep beautiful gorges of the Roy, this is a must-do list of rivers for every UK paddler. We will set aims at the start of the course and find rivers to allow you to develop these aims. We can choose locations to help tweak your boof to improve consistency, or work on adjusting the angle of your boat as you descend waterfalls. We always break down the rapids into precise achievable moves and, with 20 years of experience, we will help you with aspects such as building and maintaining blade pressure to launch the boat on demand; and picking and hitting your lines from pool drop waterfalls to continuous rapids.

Who Is This Course For? 

You should be happy on grade 3 with some grade 4 white water and have a consistent roll. We are here to guide, coach and support you. It's ok if the rivers are above where you would normally paddle independently but we ask that you are comfortably and consistently hitting your lines on grade 3 rapids so that everyone can enjoy the week.

​Participants under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who has also signed up for the course.

Kit List

  • A white water specific kayak with front and rear airbags

  • Well-fitting white water helmet

  • Paddle

  • Buoyancy aid

  • Spray deck

  • Dry suit or cag and waterproof trousers

  • Thermals

  • River shoes or old trainers (not wetsuit boots)


Please don't buy new items for the course, it is a great opportunity to try different options and make an informed purchase after. If you need any kit advice or to borrow anything, please get in touch before the course. Kayaks and dry suits are available for hire

What Happens Next?

To develop your paddling further, you may be interested in a bespoke coaching session or our White Water Safety and Rescue or Advanced White Water Safety and Rescue courses.



We’ll aim to base the course on the rivers of the West coast around Fort William, but we’ll move around to make best use of the water levels and forecast. We'll confirm the meeting point for the first day at least three days prior to the course starting. If you are booking accommodation, Fort William is the ideal spot to base yourself as it provides the best access to the surrounding rivers.

Book Now

To book a place on this course, click above to book and pay for the course, then complete and submit the Booking Form. If the following dates are not suitable, or you want to make a private booking for your club or centre, please get in touch.

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