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About Us


Kinetic Paddlesports is run by Ian Adey, a Level 5 inland kayak coach and advanced water canoe coach, with two decades of experience coaching paddlesports around the world. Ian is based in the village of Staveley in the Lake District and has developed his advanced skills across multiple paddling disciplines through years as a coach. He has a continual drive to improve his own personal performance and technical understanding on the water .

Ian has kayaked across the world taking in some of the best rivers, from sunny California to Ecuadorian jungles, Chile's steep creeks, slides and waterfalls, Patagonia's big volume rivers, and multi-day white water adventures in Nepal. He has worked as a raft and kayak guide in Norway, and spent many springs and summers chasing the alpine run-off, from the technical steep creeks of Val Sesia and Ticino through to the French Alps and the larger volume rivers of Austria and Switzerland. Today when he's not running coaching sessions, Ian spends his free time either with his young family going on mini adventures, honing his paddling skills on the local rivers or, if there is no water about, hiking his bike to the top of the biggest hill he can find. 

At Kinetic Paddlesports, we are passionate about passing on the best and most up-to-date technical knowledge and techniques. Everything we teach at all levels works in advanced conditions as well as easier situations. We don’t teach techniques to get by, only those which will always work and continue to do so wherever you choose to take your paddling. Passing on precise, modern and cutting edge techniques and technical knowledge to our clients is what we're about.

Our aim is to make paddling and coaching simple: when you get the fundamentals right, everything else falls into place. What we coach at the start of your paddling career will always work - and is what we use in the advanced environments. We want to help people to become independent learners, so you can carry on developing and practising your skills long after you have completed one of our courses. We don’t need to use complicated terminology to make simple techniques sound better. We keep it simple yet effective (but we are happy to chat about all the terminology and coaching theories if it helps you learn).

We also have specialist associates who are experts in other areas of paddlesports such as freestyle or sea kayaking. So if you don’t see a course you would like advertised, please get in touch and we will ensure you get the best coaching for your needs.

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